Common Mistakes Every New Reddit User Makes

Common Mistakes Every New Reddit User Makes

“Everyone has to start somewhere,” Haruki Murakami once stated. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. Perfection does not appear overnight.”

For someone who is new to reddit, this remark has never rung more true. It can be difficult to grasp Reddit at first, and even more difficult to begin earning karma. So, if you’re new to reddit, don’t worry; this essay will go over some of the most common mistakes new redditors make. Think of me as your Reddit guru. Let’s get this party started, little padawan. Your training will begin right now.

The Scientific Method

I ran my own experiment while writing this post. “What Are The Mistakes That New Redditors Make?” is a question I asked on r/AskReddit. The post generated over 1,300 comments, so you can be assured that you’re getting advise from not only my own experiences, but also from the Reddit Buddhas! They’ll be your guides, and this article will just cover their remarks from that post for your benefit. Why they were given upvotes and why they were given downvotes. Young padawan, it was all for you. It was all in the name of you.

So let’s get started. The Top 10 Reddit Mistakes Newcomers Make!

#1: Failure to adhere to Reddiquette

This is a meta-rule in the sense that it encompasses all others in some way. It enrages seasoned redditors to no end, and even if it doesn’t, it makes you appear uninformed, unintelligent, and untrustworthy. As a result, make sure you read and obey the reddiquette rules and regulations.

# 2: Incorrect Grammar and Spelling

Most new redditors, according to u/Skolbieski, are guilty of “using very awful grammar/misspelled terms, and then assuming it’s okay.” Another commenter added that “text slang” is a big no-no as well. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about it. Use real words, spell them correctly, and construct sentences in a logical manner. It’s a really simple error to avoid.

#3: Not understanding the rules of your subreddit

This is not the same as following Reddiquette in general. Every sub-reddit has its own set of rules and regulations, which must be followed.

So many people commented on my piece about this typical blunder. Ensure that you are posting to the correct subreddit and that you are adhering to the rules of that subreddit. “Assuming someone hasn’t already published a post on that amazing news piece you just found,” u/exanthem said of the influx of new Redditors. If you’re going to post something, make sure it hasn’t already been done. Re-posts will simply get you downvotes and a lot of rage. Worse, it gives the impression that the poster has no idea what’s going on or is looking for karma. That takes me to the next rule.

#4: Requesting Karma or Upvotes

Don’t ask for upvotes or dig for karma. This is a simple and quick technique to sink your karma into a hole from which it can never recover. When you aren’t truly offering valuable content to the site, people will notice. A useless joke is sometimes appreciated, but not always. I left multiple answers on my article, many of which were jokes, and while they all received excellent karma, the jokes did not perform as well as genuine opinions and contributions.

#5: Behaving as if you’re a child

Don’t worry if you’re a child; it takes time. However, if you aren’t, simply act like an adult.

So don’t argue with others and don’t offend those who disagree with you.

#6: Not choosing a good username

Choosing an improper username is also a major no-no. “Your username is your username, and you can’t alter it,” u/bigween stated. ever. quietly weeps.”

So, choose a username that reflects your personality. It’s a humorous username, however it’s not appropriate for all types of accounts. You can be a little more comical if you’re using reddit for personal reasons, but if you’re an organization, firm, or marketing expert, you’ll need a username that reflects your purpose on the site.

“Bigween,” “AssbuttInTheGarrison,” and “Boobiesucker” are not allowed. You won’t be taken seriously most of the time, so avoid it unless that’s your purpose.

#7: Irritating the moderators

The persons in control of subreddits are now known as mods (or Moderators). They enforce the rules and regulations of a subreddit and will ban you if you break them. Do you recall u/Quick man? Is it the mod?

He made it clear that any trolls, racists, or jerks who break the guidelines on purpose should be reported. “The reports come in anonymously, report trolls, and don’t engage,” he advised. That is our responsibility. If you fight a troll and make it personal or offensive, you may be banned as well. There’s no need for white knights; I can only speak for myself, but I’d rather have a large number of reports than spend hours sifting through comments.”

The moderators aren’t all-powerful, but they have the ability to kick your reddit ass and turn you into a reddit outcast. Don’t irritate them.

#8: Using prejudiced, hostile, or slanderous language.

According to the same mod from the preceding paragraph, “accounts from 1 month to 9 are the worst” at “being uncivil and using racial slurs.”


You’ll be reported and banned, not to mention downvoted into Reddit HELL’s inner circle. Although Reddit is a Free Speech platform, members will tear you apart if you say anything prejudiced, hateful, or defamatory. There is no excuse for such behavior, and Reddit will hold you accountable.

Keep in mind that this isn’t YouTube. We’re all grown ups here.

#9: Posting in the incorrect section


u/Alsbet made the most upvoted remark on my post, with 1021 upvotes. New redditors are almost always guilty of “reading the default top page and believing that’s all reddit is,” according to this user. Reddit is a social media platform where users may upload, vote on, and comment on material from all around the world. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “there’s an app for that.” Consider anything, and I’m willing to guess there’s a subreddit dedicated to it.

Always remember to organize and prioritize your subreddits for specific content. This is how you locate communities who will likely respect your content, value your thoughts, and upvote your contributions. It’s critical that you take use of the world at your fingertips.

“There’s a subreddit for that,” remember. There is, and if there isn’t, one should be started. New users must learn how to browse the site and locate the subreddits that best suit their unique likes and goals.

#10: I’m not going to take no for an answer.

This one was submitted by u/i play bass: “Don’t try to defend your comment if it is met with downvotes and criticism. All of your comments will be downvoted to oblivion. Simply accept your one-comment sentence and move on.” Reddit isn’t the same as YouTube. Reddit’s members strive to maintain a higher standard of discourse, so don’t engage in online debates over your personal beliefs. It will simply add to your Karma’s sorrow.

Last but not least, don’t take Karma too seriously.

I have one final bit of advice for you: don’t take karma too seriously. It’s great to get karma, because it boosts your reddit reputation, but karma isn’t everything. Discussion, content, and community are the most significant features of reddit. Once you’ve discovered these items, the upvotes will pour in for the rest of your Reddit career. If you’re lazy, you can also obtain reddit upvotes the simple way.

That’s all there is to it, youngster. Today’s knowledge is all I have for you. Reddit may appear to be a frightening place, but it isn’t. All you have to do is follow the rules and figure out how to find your specialty. So, get out there, investigate, and learn!

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