Great Ways How You Can View Private Instagram Profiles

It’s time to find out the answers to one of the most often asked questions about Instagram’s history. Many Instagrammers around the world are still looking for a way to view secret Instagram profiles and see private photographs and videos concealed behind an account that is hidden from the public sight.

You may have only recently begun to get to know someone when you discover they have an Instagram private account. You have no intention of sending a follow request because you are unfamiliar with them. You don’t want them to believe you’re being creepy by acting like an Instastalker.

To lighten your day, I must state that you will undoubtedly discover how to view private ig profiles and even how to determine whether or not someone is stalking your Instagram account, so keep reading since you have come to the perfect location.

Instagram stalkers are people who follow you on Instagram.

Many Instagrammers may not be aware of Instagram stalkers or have never heard of them, so allow me to explain. Instagram stalkers are accounts that are continually watching and tracking other accounts. Stalkers are always looking for a way to access someone’s secret Instagram photographs and videos, and they will do anything to see a private Instagram profile.

People convert to private Instagram profiles for a variety of reasons, one of which is to avoid being followed by Instastalkers. If you don’t appreciate being followed around, consider keeping your account private, which is simple and only takes a few clicks.

If you haven’t already, you can discover how to make your account private at the end of this post.

Is it possible to view private Instagram profiles?

There are both moral and immoral ways to see private Instagram profiles, but to be honest, none of them are likely to produce the exact outcome we want.

Since the inception of this social media platform, people have struggled to see what’s inside private Instagram photographs and videos without having to follow them, and people are still looking for a way to see what’s within private accounts.

If you’re someone who enjoys stalking private Instagram accounts, you’re an Instagram stalker, which isn’t a good thing. There may, however, be compelling reasons for you to read another person’s private profile without following them.

Anyway, as I previously stated, the methods that can assist you in breaking the walls of a private Instagram profile are separated into two groups, which we will discuss in the following portion of the article.

How can you get access to private Instagram profiles?

Third-party apps, which are not authorized by Instagram, can help you see who has viewed an Instagram profile.

We are humans, and we can’t deny that we are inquisitive beings who want to know everything, especially when it comes to knowing who looks at our social media sites.

Finding a specific Instastalker is nearly impossible due to Instagram’s lack of such a feature; all we can tell from the Instagram insights is how many individuals have viewed our profile.

As I already stated, the only way to avoid this is to use a method that is not suggested. You might always use one of the third-party apps that claim to reveal who has viewed our Instagram page.

Personally, I’m not a fan of these apps and would prefer not compromise the security of my account in order to figure out who my creepy Instastalker is.

There are a few options we may try to view private Instagram accounts, and it’s not true to say there aren’t any because there are. I’m going to show you how to view someone’s private Instagram photographs and videos using various methods.

There could be a variety of reasons why you don’t want to follow a private account, but you’re curious about what’s going on behind their account’s protection wall. Here are some tips for seeing private Instagram profiles to help you get what you want:

The first method is to create a lookalike account.

The first trick I’d like to discuss is the one I’ve been using the most recently. It is, in my opinion, very clever and effective. This strategy will undoubtedly turn us into Instastalkers, but it is worth a shot.

A non-biologically related look-alike or double of a live person is known as a doppelg√§nger. But what does this have to do with our situation? So, we can create a doppelganger account and pretend to be one of the user’s current friends or followers in order to view their profile discreetly.

We would gladly welcome follow requests from people we know, and if we notice a friend has created a new account, we will gladly accept the request. So, create an account with a name, surname, and profile image that is similar to one of your targeted account’s followers and send them a follow request.

You know at least one of them and have access to their profile images in this situation.

Method #2: Use Google to look up usernames.

Another clever technique to examine private Instagram profiles is to start the investigation with their ID, name, or surname. To begin, go to the profile you want to target and copy their name or username to the clipboard so you can utilize it later.

Open Google image search or any other image-based search engine and put the name into the search box as the second step. Before turning their Instagram profiles private, there’s a good chance you’ll notice some footprints left behind by your target.

Another possibility is that the photographs uploaded on Instagram were also shared on another social media network, making it simple to locate your target’s photos by using their Instagram ID. If the person you’re looking for has profiles on other social media sites, you might be able to find some of that information in the search.

Simply add quotation marks to the search word to make it more specific and yield better results. For example, if you’re looking for Alice Styles, you can look for “Alice Styles” Oxford University California. Non-celebrities’ real names can be used in this strategy.

This method may not be able to crack the private Instagram account’s wall, but it may allow you to access some of the targeted person’s shared posts on Instagram or other social media.

Method #3: Make a fictitious account.

When seeking to browse private Instagram profiles, another option is to create a phony Instagram account. This strategy will work if you don’t want to be recognized for stalking people or other purposes, and you don’t want to use your own account to send friend invitations to others.

To make a false account, we only need to pick a random name and surname, as well as find some images on the internet and pass them off as our own. After that, you must create an account.

We can contact the target and seek to see their private account by sending a follow request. Just a note: I don’t advocate this option because it is the most illegitimate of the bunch.

Method #4: State your request plainly.

It goes without saying that sending someone a follow request and waiting for it to be accepted is the most legitimate and reasonable way to gain access to their private Instagram. So the best advice is to invite someone to enter their profile directly, and if they do not accept the friend request, you can take other steps.

Method #5: Use the account of a common acquaintance.

Most of the times Instagram stalkers prefer to search down the posts of people who they know and are familiar with and not strangers. As a result, one of the targeted profile’s followers is almost always a friend, relative, or acquaintance of yours. It allows you to request that they send you posts from the targeted profile. This manner, you have visited their private profile without following them.

Use Instagram’s private profile viewer tools (method #6).

There is an option that is stated on practically all the websites talking about seeing private Instagram profiles. This method has never worked for me, and I have no faith in it. However, because so many people claim it works, it’s worth mentioning Instagram private profile viewer.

There are a number of Instagram profile viewers available on the internet that claim to allow users to examine other people’s profiles without having to follow them. Insta looker, Watch Insta, and secret Insta are some of these viewers, but I wouldn’t recommend using them until you’ve exhausted all other options.

How do I make my Instagram account private?

If we want additional protection and privacy, we should always use a private Instagram account. This will protect our account and posts from creepy folks hooked to stalking others on social media.

So, unless you’re compelled to have a public profile, such as if you’re an influencer or have a business account, it’s best to go private.

Follow the simple steps below to make your Instagram account private:

  • On any device, open the Instagram app.
  • Go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click the profile symbol.
  • In the top right corner of your Instagram profile, click the 3-horizontal-line icon.
  • At the bottom right corner of the screen, select the gear symbol (settings).
  • Scroll down to the ‘Private account’ option, and toggle the switch to enable it.
  • Your Instagram profile and posts are now protected, and they are only visible to people who have asked you to follow them.


It’s alluring to learn that there are ways to view someone’s private Instagram photographs and videos without following them, which is why I’ve listed both ethical and unethical methods in this article.

You have complete control over which approach you employ, but keep in mind that not all of them will produce the desired result, and you may find yourself with no other option but to send a follow request to view a private profile on Instagram, in which case you won’t be tagged as a creepy Instastalker.