How To Start Your Raid: Shadow Legends Game Better?

How To Start Your Raid: Shadow Legends Game Better?

Do you find this very popular game appealing? It’s tempting to get involved, but aren’t sure what you’re getting yourself into. This guide will show you how to start RAID: Shadow Legends in 2020. This guide will give you all the information and tips to help you get started quickly.

RAID: Shadow LegendsWhat is that?

RAID Shadow Legends is an mobile RPG type game set in a fantasy world. You can collect many creatures, whether they are human or non-human, using the turn-based combat system. It can be played on iOS, Android, PC and Mac (Linux also available). To get the best performance, I recommend that you play it on a PC.

You can play the game with more than 300 heroes, and you will also discover a touching story that allows you to get to know it. You will be able to access many worlds through the main story, including the Dungeons and the Faction War, as well as the Arena, and the Clan Boss.

The mechanics are very similar to Summoners war. It’s even a -like game, but with some slight changes in graphics (or nearly). There are three dungeons and an arena. The clan boss is reminiscent of “Summoners Wars”. Cairos Dungeon” Arena” and “The Tartaros” in Summoners war.

You don’t have to be a complete beginner if you have played the same game before. However, it is important that you understand the mechanics and history.

GuideRAID: Shadow Legends: Discovering the interface and its functionalities

You will see your All Champions village when you launch the game. It contains many features. These features will be discussed in detail so that we can discover the interface of Shadow Legendsf.

Sponsorship Program

Refer new players to this program with a referral number to receive bonuses as they progress through the game. Consider enrolling your friends in the game! You can also join your friends in the game!


The store’s name implies that it is a virtual shop offering large in-game advantages and paid bundles.

Progress Missions

You must complete the progress missions to advance in the game and earn nice rewards towards the end.


Quests are side mission that enable you to improve your strategy and knowledge the game. You can earn rewards.


To earn some rewards, you can complete challenges in RAID: Shadow Legends. There are many challenges and they get more difficult.


As with every other game, there is a Clan system that allows you to joinother gamers to advance together and eliminateother clans. To make rapid progress, I recommend you join one from the very beginning.

Champions Catalogue

This feature allows you to see all champions (creatures of RAID: Shadow Legends) without exception. This allows you to see the legendary creatures and possibly try to summon some of them.


The battle tab lets you access your game history and dungeons or PvP.

Time spent with your family is a reward

It’s a feature that rewards you with points for playing, in order to build player loyalty. There will be several rewards per day for playing up to 3 hours.

Chat and Inbox

These elements are located at the top right corner and let you access your vaultand talk with players.

The right sidethe screen has several ” recommended “. packs are available for players at different levels. You can also access the current events by clicking on a tab.

Guide for Champions of RAID Shadow Legends

The game boasts more than 300 champions (with different rarities ranging from “common to legendary”). These can be obtained through splinters and via missions. You will also find many classes to choose from:

  • The Teleriens are made up of four sub-categories.
  • Gaellen Pact: It also contains 4 sub-categories but this class mainly contains creatures
  • The Corrupted – Same as other classes but includes creatures of the demon type
  • Nyresian union – It contains 4 sub-categories. However, 3 of them are ” secret”.

Important to note that champions can get different grades.

  • rank 1 The champion will be at the highest level 10, maximum, and is characterized as a star.
  • rank two: The champion will be at the highest level 20, maximum, and is distinguished by two stars
  • rank 3 The champion will be at the 30 maximum level and is distinguished by three stars
  • rank 4 The champion will be at the maximum 40 and will be characterized by four stars
  • rank 5: The champion will be at the 50 maximum level and is distinguished by five star
  • rank 6 The champion will be at level 60 maximum, and is distinguished by six stars.

So you can navigate and get started in the best conditions, we have created a Tier List with the top champions.

The affinity between Champions

The affinity of champions on RAID: Shadow Legends works like the attributes in Summoners War. They share certain weaknesses, but also have some commonalities.

20% of the damage you deal to champions with higher affinity than you have is lost when you attack them. You also have a 15% lower crucial strike chance as well as a 35% lesser glancing opportunity.

You will need to be aware of your composition and your affinities depending on who you are facing. If you don’t think twice, they can alter the course of a fight.

The artifacts

  • You can collect many rune-like equipment when you play in the country. These items are known as artifacts and can be divided into multiple categories.
  • You can also check out our article about artifacts in Shadow Legends once you are a more skilled player. We will discuss the various types of artifacts and how to enhance them.
  • It is not important to understand that artifacts increase your champions’s power. These magical items are meant to improve one of their properties.

GuideRAID Shadow Legends: The fights

The game uses a turn-based combat system. You only get to play each character once. This allows you to play all characters once and test them quickly.

Raid Shadow Legends you’ll have the option between:

  • The Campaign lets you understand the game and play your first team;
  • The Dungeons offer some rewards. This level is more than the campaign.
  • You can use the Faction War to obtain glyphs that you can use to enchant artifacts belonging to your champions.
  • You can compete with other players in the arena to climb up the arena rankings.
  • Excellent rewards for being the Boss of Clan
  • You can now apply multiple attacks automatically without having to run them manually. You can click on the ” Multi-Bat” button to launch your fight.

GuideRAID Shadow Legends: The different buildings in the village

In the final part of the guideRAID Shadow Legends we will look at the buildings which make up your village to help you see things a bit better.

These buildings enable you to perform various actions on your champions. Some buildings can be used to get new ones, while others can improve certain skills .

Below are the buildings that you will find in the game.

Great Hall

You can get boosts for champions in the Great Hall to improve their stats. These boosts can be obtained by fighting in The Arena.

The Tavern

You can increase the levels of your champions through the tavern by providing food for other champions, (for example). It also allows you to raise your champion’s rank and skills. To gain new skills, you can enhance the champion’s with potions.

The training arena

You can use the training arena to enhance your champions’ experience. You can raise the level of your main champions, by saving weaker champions.

The market

The market allows you to purchase champions and artifacts, as well as shards, based on their rarity (common, uncommon, etc.). You can find out more.

The mine

You can obtain gemsover long periods of time with the mine. Gems are the most rare currency in the game, making it very useful.

The portal

The portal will be used to summon or mergedifferent heroes. Shards are required to summon the shards. These can be earned by farming or missions.

Here’s a list of chips that are available:

  • The mysterious brilliance allows you to invoke common and uncommon champions, as well as rare
  • Ancient brilliance allows you to summon rare and epic champions, legendary.
  • The brilliance of the Void : It allows you to summon champions of the same rarity as of the ancient brilliance .
  • Sacred brilliance allows you to summon great and legendary heroes.
  • To start RAID Shadow Legends, you will need to read the tutorial. This will allow you to get a better understanding of how the game works. This tutorial will show you how to use strategies according to the opponents. Next, you’ll need to be attentive to the newfeatures as well as the dialogues inthe video game.

This guide RAID Shadow Legends is coming to an abrupt end. We hope you found it helpful to get started in the game in the best conditions.

I wish you a successful start in Raid Shadow Legends! You now have the basic knowledge you need to get started . Don’t forget to check our other tips for faster progress!

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