Reviews Of The Best Whipped Cream Dispensers

Reviews Of The Best Whipped Cream Dispensers

whip cream used to require a strong arm and lots of stirring. It’s no surprise that grocery stores now offer a variety of products, including tubs. You’re not getting the full experience if you limit yourself to buying cans at the grocery store. Homemade whipped cream tastes better and is more versatile. For example, you can reduce sugar or add flavor extracts. A dispenser is the fastest way to whip cream at your home.

The canisters function in the same way that disposable grocery store cans: The nitrous oxide gas contained in the canister is forced into cream under pressure to create whipped texture. Instead of throwing away the can, you can simply insert a new cartridge. These tiny canisters are only 50 cents per cartridge. They allow you to make homemade cream in just a few steps. Simply pour the cream inside the can and then add the nitrous oxide cartridge. After a few shakes, the cream will be ready for dispensing.

There are many best whipped cream dispenser that goes beyond whipped cream. Depending on the model, other liquids can be added to the canister to make mousse, mousse and more. A single canister opens up a world of food once available only at five-star restaurants. Even if you are just looking to make your ice cream sundaes more special, a whip cream dispenser is a great addition to your kitchen tools.

These are eight whipped-cream dispensers that you should consider.

What We Like

  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel bottle
  • Refrigerated whipped Cream lasts for 10 days
  • Pint or quart size available

What we don’t like

  • Only one decorative tip is included
  • Only for cold applications

Look no further if you are looking for a high-quality cream whipper with long life expectancy. This dispenser’s head and body are made of top-quality stainless steel. The dispenser features a removable piston as well as a silicone seal that can be quickly removed.

Stainless steel doesn’t stain or retain odors and won’t react with acidic food. You can keep your lemon mousse mix chilled in the refrigerator without worrying about oxidation.

It includes a decorating tip with stainless steel threads that can be attached securely and a brush. It can be washed in a dishwasher, but you can also rinse it clean with warm soapy water. It is NSF-certified for professional use.

What We Like

  • Includes 3 decorative piping tips
  • Prices are lower than comparable models
  • Includes replacement parts

What we don’t like

  • Hand washing is recommended

This black whipper is attractive and does the job well at a reasonable price. The aluminum head and body are reinforced with threads, making it more durable than other low-cost alternatives with plastic heads. Aluminum is lighter than stainless-steel, so it can be used for longer periods and the lacquered finish will remain attractive.

Three decorating tips are included, as well as a brush to clean them. The container is easy to rinse and can be washed by hand.

What We Like

  • Available in three sizes
  • Use it for both cold and warm applications
  • Dishwasher-safe bottle

What we don’t like

  • You can purchase replacement parts separately

Cream whippers are best used for making chilled frothy sauces, mousses, and whipped cream. The whipper can be used to make warm whips and froths. It is possible to use the whipper for making warm froths and whips, even if you don’t think it’s something that you will need. You’ll be ready when you make warm foam to add to your coffee.

The stainless steel bottle and the head are suitable for professional use. They can also be washed in the dishwasher. The stainless steel is non-reactive and stain-resistant, so you can fill it with acidic liquids or store it in the fridge without worrying about oxidation.

The package includes three stainless steel tips: a straight tip, star tip and tulip tip. There is also a cleaning brush. For smaller batches, the 1-pint whipper works well.

What We Like

  • Includes 3 decorative piping tips
  • Convenient and small size
  • Lower price

What we don’t like

  • Hand washing is recommended

The cute half-pint whipper is smaller than larger models but still makes plenty of whipped cream to make family desserts . You can refill and recharge if you are serving more people.

This aluminum tray includes three decorating tips that will make your desserts stand out. Aluminum is lighter than heavy whippers and this half-pint dispenser makes it easier to hold. Hand wash this with warm soapy hot water.

What We Like

  • Silicone color bands for organization
  • 7 different tip & injector options
  • 1-year warranty
  • Only hand wash

This commercial-grade whipper includes seven tip styles to enhance your whipped cream. This whipper is made of food-grade stainless steel and won’t stain or react to acidic foods. Your lime mousse can be chilled in the whipper without worrying about oxidation.

Six interchangeable silicone bands are included for a secure grip. You can color-code your containers with the silicone bands if you have more than one whipper. This will allow you to identify which container has the lemon mousse and which container has the sweetened cream whipped cream.

Three decorating nozzles are included for creating fancy whipped cream designs. Four injector nozzles can be used to inject whipped cream or mousse into pastries and cupcakes. The nozzles can also be cleaned with a brush. Hand wash this item.

What We Like

  • Amazingly low prices
  • Three decorative tip options
  • 2-year warranty

What we don’t like

  • With use, interior coatings may begin to peel

This whipped cream dispenser is quick and simple to use. It can transform 1 pint of liquid milk into over 2 quarts fresh whipped cream in 30 seconds. According to ICO It can be stored in the fridge for up to 14 day. It is made from high-quality aluminum that has been TUV-certified. This makes it both lightweight and strong. It comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure it lasts.

It includes three decorator nozzles. They can be used to make sauces, soups and infused spirits. You can use it with any N20 cartridge. This gives you a lot of flexibility. It’s also very affordable.

What We Like

  • Included are three decorative piping tips
  • Refrosted whipped cream can be kept for 7-10 days
  • Good customer service

What we don’t like

  • A 30-day warranty is available for only a select few products

The Gorgeous Kitchen Professional Whipped cream Dispenser makes a great gift idea for aspiring pastry chefs, newlyweds and foodies. It comes with three decorating tips and a cleaning brush. There may be limited supplies so you will need to purchase N20 cartridges. Once you are ready to make gourmet whipped cream-topped creations, you can also get a charger holder and a cleaning toothbrush.

This 1-pint dispenser is made from high-quality aluminum. Customers love its lightweight and easy cleaning. This kitchen gadget is great for topping your morning coffee or making desserts.

What We Like

  • There are many mixing possibilities
  • It is easier to control than other models
  • Very economical
  • Dishwasher safe

What we don’t like

  • More physical effort
  • Smaller ingredient volume

Simply grab the handles and pull up. Then push down. To whip the cream, the spinners within spin quickly. Although you can whip cream using a stand mixer or hand mixer, it isn’t very efficient when you only have small amounts. This whipper works well for small batches when you only need enough cream to make one or two servings.

It’s not a one-trick pony. You can use it to emulsify dressings or make mayonnaise. It can also be used to whip up drinks to a foam. The measurements on the side are in ounces or milliliters so that you can measure ingredients directly in the container.

The handles are made of a soft silicone and can be easily gripped. It can be washed in the dishwasher after it is empty.

Final Verdict

The iSi cream Profi whip is our top choice. It offers the same high-quality performance as dispensers found in coffee shops, ice cream shops and pastry shops. The EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser also offers satisfactory results, but at a much lower price.

What to Look For in a Whipped cream Dispenser


A majority of whipped cream dispensers can hold approximately a pint of liquid. However, you can also find half-pint canisters. You can’t refill a canister once it is empty into the dispenser. However, you can keep some for later. A half-pint container will work well if you are only looking for whip cream for hot cocoa. The pint may be the best option for larger projects or households. You can see how much time it takes to get through a can store-bought whipped cream. The average canister of whipped cream found in a grocery store contains just a half-pint. Remember that a pint (by volume) of cream will make more than a pint (by volume) of whipped topping after the addition of nitrous oxide.


Dispensers are usually made from metal. However, they can also be made from plastic or other materials. For its durability and ease of maintenance, stainless steel is the best choice. However, aluminum can be an economical option. Insulated canisters are also available if the contents need to be kept warm or cold. These canisters have a double-walled vacuum seal which helps keep the contents at the right temperature for longer periods. It is nice to have, but it is not essential unless the contents will be kept cold outside the fridge for long periods of time (e.g., while decorating). Insulation will keep the canister’s exterior cool if you intend to use the dispenser for warm foams.

It’s easy to use

When thinking about ease-of-use, there are several things you should consider: how easy it is to insert a new cartridge of Nitrous Oxide, how fast it whips up (sometimes in as few as four shakes), how easy it is to use the handle and guide, and how simple it is to pinch and squeeze. You will want to be able to use the dispenser to decorate with cream toppings, but also to make it easier to hold.


Some dispensers can whip up warm toppings for whips or foams. Look for a dispenser that can handle both hot and chilled liquids if you plan to experiment with whipped cream.


Some canisters can hold a charge up to two weeks depending on their material and design. Some canisters only promise to keep pressure for a few more days. Consider buying whipped cream that can keep whipped cream fresher for longer periods of time if you need it.


Although a whipped cream dispenser can be very cost-effective if used regularly, it is still a significant investment. Whips that are restaurant-grade can be expensive at around $100. However, they can also be found for as low as $50 if you’re looking for budget-friendly whips made from aluminum.



iSi, an Austrian company, has been producing dispensers for restaurants since the 1960s. It also produces whips for home chefs that are easy to dispense.


Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO) is another company that was established as a distributor for professional chefs. It is now a popular choice among serious home cooks. It offers both budget-friendly aluminum models and stainless steel models.


Between uses, dishwashers must be cleaned. Most are dishwasher-safe so they can be cleaned in that manner. You may need a bottle brush if you don’t own a dishwasher to clean your dish. Hand-washing smaller parts such as the tips may be necessary. To clean the nozzle completely, you may need to remove the gasket and smaller parts. To prevent it from becoming lost, you can wash them with soapy water. After drying, the parts can be reassembled and stored until needed.



Whip tips work in the same way as tips on an icing bags: They affect the size and shape the foam or whip. Additional tips may be available for dispensers, or companies may sell tips that can fit on the dispenser.


A nitrous oxide cartridge is required to use a whip. These small cartridges contain gas that is released into the dispenser under high pressure. Refill cartridges are available for purchase at 50 cents to $1 per pop depending on the quantity you purchase. They are generally cheaper if you buy them in bulk. They can be recycled after every use, as they are made from steel.

Cleaning Kits

You may find a dispenser that comes with a small brush for cleaning the nozzle. You might want to get some brush heads if your dispenser doesn’t come with a bottle brush or smaller brushes to clean the nozzle between uses, especially if there isn’t a dishwasher.

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