Searching For The Best Beard Trimmer

Searching For The Best Beard Trimmer

When you have a beard it takes a bit more effort than simply shaving it all off every morning. Once a beard has reached its optimum length it must be regularly trimmed to keep it at this length, otherwise it’ll soon become a chaotic mass of tangles. My last beard trimmer packed it in, so I was on the hunt for a new one.

There were certainly plenty of choices on the market, and in nearly every price range. I was hoping to find something for around $100, not cheap enough to last only a few months, but not so expensive that it would take forever to pay the credit card bill later.

I found that reading the online reviews on sites such as Amazon was immensely helpful. Reading the best beard trimmer reviews on ShaverGuru helped me to discern many of the beard trimmer’s qualities. Will it get the job done? Will it provide a comfortable trim, or will it yank and pull hairs? Will it last beyond its warranty date? And finally, did the purchasers receive what was advertised, and did the box arrive free of damage?

After doing a bit of research I found the best beard trimmer the Panasonic ER-GB80-S. I found some really impressive reviews about this beard trimmer, so I decided to purchase it. This beard trimmer has actually won awards for Panasonic, so it must be good.


This beard trimmer is cordless and rechargeable, and has a light grey plastic front with black back. The black portion of the trimmer is made from a rubberized material, which helps to make it anti-slip, even when wet. It can be used to trim either dry or wet.

It comes with three different trimming combs, the charger cord, cleaning brush, and motor oil. It can also be used to trim body hair or the head too.

The on button is located to the bottom front of the shaver, with a beard length dial located at the middle. I was able to move it with my thumb to choose the optimum length of beard trim. It adjusts smoothly and easily to the length I needed. Together with the three different combs, the trimmer offers a choice of thirty-nine different precision settings, enabling for a truly personalized trim. The trimmer can also sculpt, cut, and detail.

The blades built within the beard trimmer are super-sharp and durable. They are positioned at an optimum 45 degree angle for the most effective trim. The trimmer cuts quickly and effectively, leaving behind a great looking beard. The blades are made from hypo-allergenic steel, and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

I was able to trust this beard trimmer to give me a neat and comfortable trim. It made the maintenance of my beard much simpler and easier, whether at home, or in the men’s washroom at work prior to an important meeting. The Panasonic ER-GB80-S can be easily washed under a running tap to clean it out.

There’s also a slide-up trimmer in the front, which enables the trimming of mustache and sideburns more simply.

One charge gave me fifty minutes of trimming time but I could also use it with the cord plugged in. This was handy in cases where I might have forgotten to plug it in the day before, so didn’t have to wait for it to be charged up in order to use it.

This trimmer is priced under $120, making it an affordable choice. The universal voltage makes it suitable to take the trimmer for travel around the world. It’s important to replace the blades at regular intervals to keep the trimmer working perfectly. This one takes the WER9605P trimmer blade. It’s also a great way to protect the environment by only replacing blades instead of tossing your entire electric trimmer in the trash.

Overall, I was happy with the purchase of my Panasonic ER-GB80-S. I think this is one of the best beard trimmer on the market today. It fit comfortably in my hand, and the anti-slip grip kept me from dropping it in the sink. Give it a try, if you have a beard like me, you’ll enjoy using it too.

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